alister für colin mcrae

der vor kurzem verstorbene rallye-pilot colin mcrae wird beim diesjährigen race of the champions durch einen würdigen fahrer vertreten. sein bruder alister mcrae ist bereit, die schottische familie würdevoll zu vertreten. allerdings hat er auch einen gewissen respekt vor der aufgabe:

It was one of the things the fans loved about him. As far as Colin was concerned, it was about driving as quick as possible and being spectacular. Being there in his place will be difficult for me but hopefully we will do him proud.

I know Colin wouldn’t want me sitting about and dwelling on things. He has a reputation of going very well at The Race of Champions so it’s an honour to race for him. It’s a great event; a really good show. It’s good for the spectators and if they enjoy it so do the drivers.

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